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Portable hydrogenator

Bionic Hydrogen Bottle

Bionic Hydrogen Bottle

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Optimize your metabolism, your nutritional intake, and reactivate your bodies immense natural healing potential with the Python Bionic hydrogen bottle. Transforming normal bulk water into activated hydrogen and electron enriched water.


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Optimized Water for Health

  • Refreshing and Healthy!

    I've been using this hydrogen water bottle for a week and already feel more energized. The water tastes remarkably fresh too.

    - Jordan K.

  • Convenience on the Go

    Carrying this bottle has made staying hydrated with quality water easy and convenient. Plus, it's durable and stylish!

    - Sam T.

  • Noticeable Health Benefits

    Since switching to hydrogen water, my skin looks clearer and my digestion has improved. This bottle is a game-changer.

    - Alex R.

  • Worth the money

    I have purchased many of these hydrogen bottles, testing their quality and if they put chlorine in the water. This particular one is very good. It’s actually the one that I use the most now. I highly suggest purchasing it.

    -Jonathan Towles

  • Apple Watch Says it Works

    Throughout the day there is some kind of calmness in me, not sure if it’s the water, or the weather, but I do feel more relaxed and less stressed. I can definitely feel the energy boost when going cycling.


  • My new beauty secrete

    Just got to India from a looong travel from LAX. I’ve been using the bottle the entire journey and have no feelings of jet lag. Also, my skin is more hydrated than usual after a flight.


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H2 Hydrogen Water

Deep Cellular Hydration

Hydrogenated water penetrates every cell inside your body within 10 minutes, deeply hydrating and nurturing your body on a cellular level and creating a more hydrated and nurtured environment for metabolic functions. This unlocks better hydration and an optimized metabolism for days after drinking only one glass.

cellular health

Strong Antioxidants

Hydrogen molecules up regulate metabolic pathways to repair and heal your body on a cellular level while simultaneously down regulating proteins which are responsible for inflammation, turning certain oxidants into water molecules, further hydrating you from within.

crystaline water

Water from nature

Imagine drinking water from a glacial mountain river, flowing with constant friction, air pressure, and oxygenation, this water is activated and will energize you for weeks. Our Python Bionic H2 Hydrogen bottle is here to unlock waters inherent energy potential and transform any water into hydrogen & electron enriched, pH alkaline healing water.


Hydrogen + Oxygen + Electrons

99% of our molecules are water molecules. Hydrogen is what generates water, therefore the name. Every water molecule consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Oxygen is sufficiently available in air, hydrogen is not. A deficiency in hydrogen is accompanied by countless diseases, especially when we get older. Transforming normal bulk water into ERW water with our Python Bionic hydrogen bottle is the surest way to keep the onset of disease at bay, delivery truly essential nutrients for our cells and mitochondria and optimize our health and performance daily.

  • At Home.

    Enjoy energized structured water daily from the comfort of your home.

  • Hydrogen + oxygen atoms activating water, restructuring it back to its inherent healthy crystalline form, activating its energy potential.

  • On the go.

    Fast charging and up to 7-day battery make this the perfect travel partner.

Feel what the Python Bionic hydrogen bottle can do for you.

Designed to improve and replace the way you hydrate with just one portable bottle made from the best possible materials to improve water quality anywhere you go.*

Put Your Money
Where Your Health Is.

  • Science-driven cellular hydration

  • Portable well-being

  • Blocking EMF, EMP, EMR radiation

  • Antibacterial surgical 904L steel

  • Scientifically proven

  • Easy to use


What is hydrogen?

Hydro-gen is that which produces water, the elixir of life. It is the smallest existing molecule which allows hydrogen rich water to penetrate every single cell inside your body within 10 minutes.

Why is hydrogen good for us?

It can neutralize negative charged oxidants, turn them into water molecules, which further improves cellular hydration and provide cells with an almost unlimited amount of energy. Drinking this bionic water positively affects the water in your body, increases energy levels, improves and optimizes your metabolism and helps with restorative sleep.

Do we need hydrogen?

The human body is composed primarily of 65% Oxygen, 18% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, and 3% Nitrogen, along with various minerals. Without hydrogen, we cannot produce energy within our cells, and the availability of hydrogen in the air is insufficient, at only 1ppm. Decades ago, the consumption of 100-150g of fiber by our gut bacteria played a significant role in our health and in supplementing hydrogen gas. Today, however, we consume only 1-5g of fiber daily due to nutrient-deficient foods and unhealthy diets. Consequently, supplementing with hydrogen gas through water is becoming increasingly important, as water is one of the very few substances in which hydrogen can dissolve.

How much should I drink?

If you own an Apple iPhone, the 'Shortcuts' app has an application named Log Water and siri can We recommend fully transitioning to drinking activated hydrogen-enriched water, as it not only requires less consumption to achieve optimal hydration but also hydrates more effectively. A key advantage of hydrogen gas over other antioxidants is its absence of known adverse effects. Unlike traditional antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, which can inhibit certain beneficial oxidants involved in signaling cells to activate their own repair mechanisms, hydrogen does not interfere with these processes. Indeed, numerous well-conducted scientific studies suggest that supplementing with traditional antioxidants might be more detrimental than beneficial. This body of evidence positions hydrogen as the only antioxidant currently considered to be 100% safe and beneficial for health..

What is chromotherapy?

Our bottle is designed to emit pulsations across visible light spectrums. Engaging with these pulsations through sight and synchronized breathing can positively influence your mood and energy levels. Research indicates that specific light spectrums, particularly the energetic blue and red spectrums, can offer significant biological advantages, including enhanced ATP synthesis, for instance.

Can I use any water?

Any water can be structured and enriched with healing hydrogen and oxygen gas, which makes the bionic bottle the perfect travel companion around the world. We recommend using purified bottled water.

What is the maximum H2 ppb / ppm amount the bionic bottle can generate?

At sea level elevation, normal air pressure and room temperature, the maximum dissolving amount of hydrogen gas in water is 1600 ppb or 1.6 ppm. Our bottle reaches that amount and maintains it for up to 2h before slowly decreasing.

Our Vision

To accelerate the transition to optimal water for human health, longevity and performance.

Aren’t BPA-free and food grade plastics ok?

They do have estrogenic activity, especially when exposed to UV sunlight, and leach harmful substances into the water you drink. It is false to think that something that dissolves even rocks has no effect on a thin layer of plastic.

What does the research say?

Hydrogen-enriched water is the most researched water today. In Japan, for example, the government even financially supports companies and research in that direction. Not surprisingly, Japan has the highest life expectancy out of all countries.

Why are we using crystalline borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is used for laboratory glassware because it’s chemically stable and can withstand even extreme temperature changes. We prioritize materials from the perspective of optimal water quality and health. Double layered for hot beverages.

How important is water for us?

Within 24 hours, 1500 liters of water flow through the brain. The spleen, liver, kidneys, and even nerves are primarily composed of fluid and must be adequately hydrated every second. A mere 5% water deficiency can lead to functional degradation.

What does hydrogen do in our body?

Transport electrons throughout the whole body, provide energy for cells and mitochondria, up-regulate healing gene expression, down-regulate inflammation, selectively eliminate the worst free radicals without becoming one and more.