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“Microplastics affect our health and are found deep inside the lungs of surgical patients, and in the blood of anonymous donors.”

Most waters bottled in plastics, including those labeled as BPA-free and food-grade, are associated with considerable exposure to estrogenic activity (EA) levels. This is further intensified when the bottles are subjected to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from direct sunlight exposure and prolonged storage.

In 2021 Japanese scientists from Kyushu University estimated 24.4 trillion microplastics in the world’s upper oceans—the equivalent of roughly 30 billion half-liter water bottles. Plastic bottles do not decompose and will remain in the ocean for hundreds of years.

Whales, an indicator of ocean health

Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) and other whale species are today classified as endangered with a few thousands to only a few hundred animals left alive. Their ecological function and impact is not fully understood, yet growing evidence shows that these animals play a critical role in the maintenance of our oceans and global climate. Plastic contaminants, pollution, oil and gas exploration, as well as, blue corridor ship traffic destruction and fishing play a crucial role in driving these animals to the brink of extinction. With a portion of our proceeds we want to support WWF’s efforts in preserving these beautiful animals.

Oceans support life

Nearly three billion people worldwide rely on fish as their primary source of protein today. Our oceans also deliver more than half the oxygen we breathe through microorganisms. Oceans regulate and harmonize the world's climate.

5g of plastic per week

Plastic that is eaten by fish, works its way up the food chain and onto our plates at your favorite seafood restaurants. On average the human consumption lies at around 5g of plastic per week, equivalent to a credit card sized plastic amount per week.


The bionic hydrogen bottle transforms any water into functional water for health, longevity and performance, reducing plastic waste and microplastic exposure significantly.

The world’s most advanced hydrogen generator. Incredibly portable. Engineered to make a difference.

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